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8 betting tips for friendly matchups

Every summer, we are presented with a jam-packed schedule of friendly matches. All European teams are getting ready for the upcoming season by visiting Asia and America or competing in traditional trophies like the Carranza or new ones like the International Champions Cup. But... is it worthwhile to wager on friendly matches?

They are matches that defy conventional betting reasoning, hence some argue that they should be avoided. But there are another chance, thus we will play them using these preseason betting recommendations.

The outcome is the least significant

Although everyone wants to win, in this sort of contest, the score is the last thing coaches consider. Preseason is used to get in shape and integrate the tactical principles that must be refined during the season, as well as to accommodate new acquisitions and test out young players... As a result, we should think twice before betting on the winner or taking a handicap, because a preseason match is not the same as a game in which anything is at risk.

The distinctions between categories and teams are narrowing

A 1st division squad should beat a semi-amateur team from 2aB or Tercera, however the gap in category might work against you in this sort of encounter. Even though it is full with replacements, the lower squad may be more determined to face a first division club than its counterpart, who is used to playing against higher level opponents. The same phenomenon occurs amongst teams from different leagues; an Asian club may defeat a top European team that has also traveled a great distance.

How long has each squad been practicing?

This is without a doubt the most important thing to consider when betting on friendly matches. Not all teams begin training at the same time, and some teams may be playing their first friendly while others are still on vacation. The team's own training, the opponent's training, and whether they have all of the gaminator 3 players or the internationals are still on vacation since they departed with the national team in June can all be significant factors in the match's outcome. When European clubs face Asian or American teams in the midst of the season, the gap is much more pronounced.

Supercups and European competition

A team with an official match at the end of July or August will be one point ahead, but we must keep an eye on this. As the first formal match approaches, the coach will go out with the starting lineup; being at full strength for that match will be the final test. However, we must regulate our efforts, and in a friendly between European qualifiers, we will start with a B or C squad, with replacements and junior players, to avoid setbacks for what is truly important. Use caution when lighting these matches.

Where is the game?

The venue where the game is played is crucial for a number of reasons. Aside from the grass (we presume it will be artificial turf), the first match of an Asian or American tour is generally accompanied by jet lag, which adds to the physical weight of the preseason. The travel must be considered, but we must also consider the presentation matches, in which the host club will attempt to get off to a strong start in front of their fans.

A good match evaluation

All of these factors are important when it comes to assessing the game... and the wager, which go hand in hand. The preseason schedule, the match profile, concerns such as the number of changes available, the time and site of play... Unlike a match during the season, where trends and statistics aid us, there are many more factors to consider in friendly. We can't forget about the call-ups: do the stars or the replacements and young players play?

In search of the underdog

Pre-season friendlies are a perfect situation for surprises, so use them to find an underdog and enjoy the thrill of a surprise. As previously said, these are matches in which unexpected results occur, which would be impossible at other times of the season, and if you study the match correctly, you may obtain a profitable bet. Tips from tippers might also be beneficial.

Play with the smallest possible investment

No matter how appealing the odds appear to you or how certain you are that you have identified the summer's underdog, you should participate with the smallest amount in preseason. Anything may happen in these games, from a hammering of the favorite to a dull 0-0 tie to a scintillating contest with swapping scoring. As a result, even in live betting, we will keep the stakes under control because you never know when the circumstance may alter.

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